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Canada Online is specialized in tailor-made itineraries for companies, tourists, newcomers and students.

We are an experienced business facilitator for companies and individuals wishing to visit or settle down in Canada.


Canada Online is a division of “MICHASGROUP INC”

The mission of “MICHAS GROUP INC.”:

Marketing, Information Technology, Communication, Holistic marketing & Advertising Services.

Founded in 1989 by Michel G. Hassoun, “MICHAS GROUP INC” has connected businesses domestically and internationally with initiatives that include regional market analysis, business consultation, event coordination, marketing and promotion.

Michel Hassoun has over forty years of responsible, comprehensive experience – with accent upon marketing background – executive management – Dealing with well-known manufacturers and negotiating distribution contracts involved with prestigious specialty lines and targeting major worldwide markets.

With our strong network, we can help companies and individuals connect with local institutions by providing effective communication and innovation solutions.

“MICHAS GROUP INC” manages numeroussubsidiaries and benefits from Michel Hassoun’s experience as a marketer and facilitator.

Responding to your specific business needs.


MICHAS GROUP INC provides a wide range of innovative services to assist business companies. Our mission is to bridge the many gaps that lie in the way of settling your company.

Our diverse range of services includes:

  • Facilitate access to the end users, buyers, decision makers with influence at a variety of levels in the public and private sectors.
  • Introduction and pre-qualification of clients with major local private and public organizations.
  • Analyze the markets on a region-by-region, territory-by-territory, project-by-project and company-by-company basis.
  • Identification of strategic local partner for each project and business initiative and co-ordination of all activities and actions leading to the formation of an alliance: Whether a joint venture, an Agency or distributorship venture, a franchising or technical co-operation.
  • Assistance in contract negotiations and in the definition of commercial agreements, Corporate services for establishing companies within the market.
  • Intelligence assistance for participation at local Fairs and Exhibitions as well as seminars and conferences, by helping in all phases of the organization of the event: from initial booking of strategic location to setting-up of exhibition booth, coordination and supply of professional staff.
  • Marketing and promotion, including Marketing and Business plans, Market and Industry studies, competition analysis, SWOT and strategic positioning.
  • Assistance in the Start-up and consolidation of Industrial ventures and manufacturing units.
  • Business advisory services through the collection, analysis and communication of market intelligence data.
  • Assisting individuals and organizations in the promotion of their exports.
  • Travel within the Global market.